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Crowns and Bridges

PFM Crowns

Our PFM Crowns are offered in three different types of alloy as requested ; The non-precious crown and bridgework is made from Heraenium PW Co-Cr metal which is beryllium and nickel free and offers an inexpensive option for reliable, high quality dental restorations. The Semi-Precious PFM's are produced using Heraeus heraloy G which is a good quality reliable metal containing around 51% gold. Argibond's Novabond Semi-Precious metal is sometimes used for the production of Implant Crown and bridgework. Our Precious PFM crowns are produced in Hera SG which has a gold content of 55.6%. Gold Shell Crowns and Inlays are produced using Hera GG metal having a gold content of 59.3. The porcelain used is DENTSPLY Duceram® Kiss which produces bright, lifelike crowns.

IPS e.max® crowns

IPS e.max® all-ceramic system covers the entire spectrum of indications ranging from thin veneers to 10-unit bridges. The IPS e.max restorations are highly esthetic and exhibit outstanding mechanical strength.
These are available in either Press and Stained technique or the Layered technique.

IPS e.max® is the registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia Crown and Bridgework are available in both the layered and monolithic techniques. Profile Dental Laboratory uses Cercon® Ceram Kiss this is a veneering Ceramic that has been developed especially and exclusively for use for all Zirconium oxide frameworks.


We undertake the production of Implant Crown and Bridgework using the components of various implant manufacturers as per instruction. Cement retained and cross-pinned restorations.